TRAINING – we can train your members, staff or volunteers. We offer training on Learning Disability Awareness; Keeping Yourself Safe; Autism Awareness; Equalities; Advocacy Skills for Support Workers; Human Rights; Values and Attitudes; Choices and Decisions – and we can develop training just for you. Our training is delivered with our members – they are the real experts. Contact us for a chat.

EASY READ – we can turn your leaflets, booklets and documents into an accessible format. We do this together with a group of members, who understand how difficult things can be to understand, and how to make it easier. Contact us for a chat.

LIVING SKILLS – our Living Skills Centre runs workshops, open sessions and training on lots of subjects, from being a good flatmate to cooking with leftovers, and from household budgeting to learning to relax. We focus on getting closer to employment, and living more independently. But it’s all about building confidence and skills, and everything is run in a relaxed way, with you deciding what’s important for you to learn. And we’re big fans of the outdoors!
We can also run courses for other organisations. Just get in touch.

GROUPS – We have a men’s group and a women’s group, which run every two weeks. They’re very popular, and are a safe space to look at what is important to us, and to make friends and build resilience (a big word for “bouncing back when things are tough”) in a safe space. We use drama, games, art, dance – and a lot of tea and biscuits!

GAMING CLUB – We meet every two weeks and are for everyone who likes X-Box, PS4, Wii – or other gaming things I don’t understand! It’s really friendly, and we film reviews of the games we play.

DROP-IN – drop-in is for everyone! We meet every Thursday lunchtime, prepare and eat a meal together and do loads of things from games to badminton, Karaoke to Boccia. It’s really friendly, and we get involved with people who design services for adults with learning disabilities or autism– we are the experts and need things to work for us.

CAMPAIGNING – our Campaigns Group works on topics like health and employment, and tries to influence decisions and change policies that aren’t working. We meet with politicians and make sure they take our views into account. If you like politics, this is the place for you!