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This means what to do if you are unhappy about something or someone at PPF

  1. Pembrokeshire People First wants you to tell someone when things go wrong because we care about what happens to you at PPF.
  2. PPF staff should make people feel OK about making a complaint – it is your right and we will respect you. We will be fair.
  3. If you need support to make the complaint we will help you. We will find someone outside PPF to help you if want.
  4. What you say will be confidential. (This is explained in our Confidentiality Policy). 
  5. We will keep a written note of your complaint and make sure the board knows about it. And what we are doing about it.
  6. You should make your complaint to the Chief Officer (Jen) or to the Chair of PPF (James). You can make a complaint by letter, in person, by email or through Facebook Messenger. We will try our best to sort things out in a way you are happy with. Everything will be written down.
  7. If you are still not happy you should write a letter and say so. PPF can help you to do this. You must do this within 10 days.
  8. PPF will look again at your complaint and tell you what they think and what they are going to do. PPF must do this within 28 days.
  9. If you are still not happy you should write another letter to say so within 10 days. Then someone outside PPF will look at it. They will want to talk to you about your complaint. You can take someone with you to help you.
  10. Whatever they decide will be final. This means your complaint is finished. They will tell you within 5 days. 
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