We would like to welcome you to the Annual Report for Pembrokeshire People First 2016-2017. It has been another year of growth for PPF, with exciting projects, rewarding advocacy partnerships, a new Trustee Board which has a majority of our members on it—and even an office dog!

These are all rough figures. If you want the exact figures, you can ask us for a full copy of our Accounts.

We got about £307,500 money in to PPF

This was about

  • £279,000 in grants
  • £28,500 in fundraising, donations and earned Income (for things we did like training)

This is how we spent it (approx)

  • £224,000 in staff wages
  • £18,000 in building costs like rent and phones
  • £5500 in office bills like ink and paper
  • £14,500 in travel and expenses for staff and volunteers
  • £1500 in training
  • £3,500 in finance and equipment costs
  • £7500 in costs for projects including freelance staff and events

This makes £274,500 that we spent
So we take £32,500 over to next year—but most of this is for projects we’ve already had grants for.